A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 29

Junior Walker & The All Stars – Shake And Fingerpop – TMG 529

Autry DeWalt Mixon, or as he is better known, Junior Walker and his band, the All Stars saw the first UK Tamla Motown’s first September 1965 release with this single.

Junior Walker’s recordings for Motown are either a beacon of originality among the identikit formula of Motown, or a sore thumb sticking out of the carefully crafted hits, depending on your view of Motown and of Junior Walker. The highly respected Motown blogger Motown Junkies seems to have firmly come down on the “sore thumb” side of the argument.

Motown seem to have tolerated Junior Walker’s slightly rough, raucous approach because he was racking up hits (at least in the USA, for this made no impression on the UK charts.)

When Shake and Fingerpop saw its single release, Junior Walker and the All-stars big UK hit, Roadrunner, was still nine months into the future, but the foundations were being laid by this release as well as by earlier and later ones.



2 thoughts on “A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 29

    1. Chuffing Hog Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Your Motown blog is a labour of love that makes my current project look insignificant. Your research is amazing and an important paret of my own inspiration to keep on tracking down and sharing the great music that I grew up with. I’m glad I’ve made your day.



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