Label Image for Stevie Wonder - High Heeled Sneakers UK Tamla Motown TMG 532

A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 32

Stevie Wonder – High Heeled Sneakers – TMG 532

Although Motown had some talented songwriters, a surprising number of their releases were cover versions of hits (and non-hits) by other artists. This song was originally recorded by Tommy Tucker in 1964 and you can also hear his version on YouTube.

Stevie’s version was no ground-breaker, but seems to re-tread his 1963 hit, “Fingertips”. Put simply, Stevie’s best days are a long way into the future, so it’s good the Motown didn’t give up on the novelty child star, but gave him the time to mature.

The UK release wasn’t a hit, but isn’t particularly rare. I have to say that this is more of collection filler than a record to be hunted down for its own worth.


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