Dorsey Burnett - Jimmy Brown Label Image

A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 34

Dorsey Burnett – Jimmy Brown – TMG 534

To my ears, this is the strangest record in the whole of the UK Tamla Motown singles catalogue. It’s a country song that is clearly inspired by Johnny Cash. It was lifted from the US Melody label, which was a subsidiary of Motown.

Dorsey Burnett was the brother of Rock ‘n’ Roller Johnny Burnett, who had hits in the UK with “You’re 16, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine” and “Dreamin'”. Dorsey never emulated his brother’s success, but Motown in the USA kept faith with him until he departed to the more country-friendly Mercury label and they welcomed him back in the Mid 70s when US Motown had another stab at a country label.

I doubt that this song is even on the radar of most of the DJs and Radio shows that play Motown and I’d love to see the reactions of a norther soul crowd if this slipped onto a turntable at an all-niter!


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