Tony Martin - The Bigger Your Heart Is Label Image

A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 37

Tony Martin – The Bigger Your Heart Is – TMG 537

In 1965, Motown was still establishing itself as the “Sound of Young America”, although some of its signings made this slogan sound ironic. In the wake of Motown’s signing of MOR crooner Billy Eckstine, Tony Martin was another artist whose best days had come and gone. Although this was his UK Tamla Motown debut (and only release), he had previously recorded a truly awful single for the US parent that deservedly vanished without trace.

This song isn’t actually bad. Its just not as good as the record buying public expected from the label. I think when it was written and produced by the in-house team at Motown of Ron Miller and William O’Malley, they were, consciously or otherwise, trying to make the kind of record that Tony Martin might have made five or ten years earlier.


It had to happen eventually, YouTube doesn’t have this song, so in the next few days, I’ll find a way to upload the sound file.


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