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Mind Body Spirit – Mansfield

At one time, in the not too distant past, you would never have got me near an event called “Mind Body Spirit“. Even when one of our friends, Kathy, asked Sue to be a case study for her own training in Crystal Healing, I was inclined to dismiss this as “hippy nonsense”.  Even when I went for Chakra balancing with Kathy and was impressed by the sense of peace that I came away with, it wasn’t until I experienced the real world effect of reflexology that I decided to become a a little more open minded and to stop dismissing all kinds of alternative therapies and lifestyle choices out of hand.

It was back in May this year that I “came out” here on this blog as a former sceptic. Even then, I would have been wanted to keep my conversion low-key and would never have visited this kind of event.

It was, of course, Kathy who gave us the opportunity to go to Mansfield Civic Centre today. In her role of Holistic Therapist under the name “Ray Of Light”, she was on a stall there with husband Phil. Kathy was offering 15 minute head massage taster sessions while Phil was chatting to customers for their essential oils, scented candles, wooden boxes and a plethora of other items, most of which I do not thoroughly understand, such as those small brass cymbals on a length of leather thong.

Our day started with a new and amazing experience for me, my first ever Indian head massage by Kathy. I have already come a long way in that I was not only willing, but enthusiastic about doing this in the middle of a large room full of people. Of course, no-one took the slightest notice of what I was doing and the massage was a great way to get into the event by relaxing me and giving me time to remove my mind from the outside world and to open myself up to the incredible positive energy that filled Mansfield Civic Centre.

After the massage, Sue and I had a cup of tea before wandering around the amazing array of stalls selling everything from angels to crystals, fairies to drums, incense sticks to art and books on every topic under the sun.  All of the stallholders that we stopped to talk to were friendly, knowledgeable and very understanding when talking to a callow beginner like me.

On one stall, Sue fell in love with a healing bear that had been made by Julie of Harmony Crystal Bears  and came complete with a rose quartz crystal, a birth certificate and the name “Misty”.  Misty is also the name of Sue’s cat, so there was immediately some kind of connection between Sue and this bear. At first there was no way that Sue was going to part with her hard-earned cash for a teddy bear, but after looking at all of the bears on display, she returned to Misty and the rest, as they say, is history.  Julie’s husband Ray said that you don’t really choose a bear, the bear chooses you and I am convinced that this is what happened today.

A little later, we met Reiki Master Alan Green, who was sitting behind a display of crystals. I stopped dead in my tracks when he said something to me and greeted me by name. I still have no idea how he knew my name was Dave, and we stopped to talk with him. He invited me to put my hands on a large and complex stone that was full of different kinds of crystals. I think I could feel some heat in the stone, but what happened next put the experience totally into the shade.

Alan asked Sue if she would like to experience Reiki (like Kathy and many other exhibitors, he was also offering taster sessions). Sue declined saying that she has psychic sensitivity and had, in her words, “closed the door on it”.  I had heard her say this many times in the past and despite my own scepticism about this whole area, I am convinced that Sue has experienced things that I cannot explain.

Anyway, Alan was having none of Sue’s refusal and asked her to put one hand out, with her palm upwards. Alan stretched out his own hand and never made any physical contact with Sue. He asked her to describe what she could feel and she talked about a warmth travelling up her arm and across to her other shoulder.

 Alan asked her to put out her other hand as well and as Sue held out both her hands beneath Alan’s one hand for onky about about 5 minutes, she described how the warmth and a tingling sensation had travelled through her arms and down into her body. She described the feeling as waves of warm water.

The warmth stayed with her for a long time after their hands had moved apart. Sue also felt very thirsty. I think the after effects have stayed with her because she was in bed and well on the way to being asleep by 10:30 pm whereas we would normally be up until midnight or later.

If I had not been standing next to Sue throughout this, I don’t think I would have been as convinced as I now am that there was something passing from Alan to Sue. I have no idea what it was, but I am sure it is real. I came away from this brief encounter wanting to know a lot more and will be reading and researching this. When I can afford the time and money, I would love to be trained to harness whatever power it is that was flowing there.

As well as the diversity of stalls reflecting all shades of alternative lifestyles, healing and therapy, there was a programme of talks that took place across the day. We went to two of them. The first was an informal chat by Sue Tribe whose website describes her as a Shaman, Past Life Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Drummer.  Unfortunately, she didn’t use the microphone that was available which made her talk a little difficult to hear at time, and the many questions that she took were completely inaudible to us. However, I wanted to persevere and to find out more about hypnotherapy, which was the subject of her talk. She covered many issues and addressed a lot of areas of my own ignorance. However, she didn’t really fire my imagination in the way that the second speaker, Fay Hartwell, did later in the day.

Fay is an accomplished speaker who did pick up the microphone. This immediately made me relax and helped me to concentrate on what she had to say. She is a Life Coach and the topic of her talk was “The Cosmic Kitchen”. This is based on the simple premise that the universe will provide whatever it is that we want and ask for. The complexity comes in the way that we identify for ourselves what it is that we really want and the way that we ask for it. I loved her imagery of there being a chef in the Cosmic Kitchen who takes the orders and sends them out. This means that we won’t always get an immediate response, but just like we order food in a restaurant, we can be sure that it is on the way. Fay also involved the audience in three simple exercises, two of meditation and one of visualisation of the differences between the past, present and future.

I came away from her session very fired up and wanting to know more and I am going to look for some of the books she recommended.

The whole day was quite an experience. I tried to go into it with an open mind and I came out with a real desire to learn more. Sue and I are already talking about going back again tomorrow for some more of the talks. Thanks toKathy for giving us the opportunity to go to this fair. It isn’t going to be our last.

Maybe there’s a bit of that hippy in me somewhere trying to get out.

Ride Safe


Reflexology – Confessions of A Former Sceptic

Just occasionally, I have been called an old hippy. For the most part, I’ve been happy to go along with this – as long as it doesn’t impinge too much on my somewhat consumerist lifestyle. However, I have never really given a great deal of credibility to alternative medicine or therapy. However, a very good friend of ours, Kathy Thickpenny, must have some kind of magic in her hands because I have been persuaded in the past to go along to have my Chakra balanced using crystals – and felt that this had somehow benefited me.

This was nothing compared to my reaction to reflexology, though.

Kathy has been training in reflexology and asked Sue and I to be case studies for her. Naturally, I started out quite sceptical that having my feet poked and rubbed would have any effect.

I should explain at this point that my feet have never been my best feature. (I’m not even sure if I HAVE a best feature.) For many years I have had very poor circulation in my feet and this has left them cold and a very strange mottled blue colour. My doctor, the practice nurse and others have all remarked on this, but have never been sufficiently concerned about it to do anything, so I continued along life’s pathway holding on to the assumption that this is how it would always be.

Not so. The very first time that Kathy sat down and gave my feet “the treatment”, the mottling disappeared, they felt warrmer and I slept like a brick that night. I have been back half a dozen times since and the improvement in my circulation has surprised Kathy and me. In fact, Kathy has said several times that she wishes she’d take a photograph of my feet when we started to compare them with how they are now. (Don’t worry, these photos don’t exist, so I won’t inflict them on you.)

I have also been very impressed that Kathy has been able to identify other things that have been either temporarily or permanently ailing in other parts of my body by working on my feet. We have talked about energy flows and the like and I remain sceptical of such explanations, but I have to accept that there’s something in it because it works.

My own experience of this therapy has been during a very stressful time at work. Again, I am convinced that this has helped me to cope with the stress.

If you are anywhere in the Nottingham / Midlands area, you can find out more and contact Kathy vie her website.

Ride Safe