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Day 8 – A Can Of Worms?

A week ago it all seemed so simple. I was very clear in my own mind that I would lay off a small, but very clearly defined list of food items.

I am fairly pleased that I have managed to stick to my original intention of not letting sweets, cakes, chocolate or biscuits pass my lips. However, I am being confused by terminology.

It all started when Sue (that’s the one I’m married to – there will be another Sue along in a minute) asked me if I wanted some cheese biscuits. After a knee-jerk reaction to the word “biscuits”, I was able to rationalise that they are really Cream Crackers, and therefore not biscuits.

Then Amanda came along and said that Oatcakes are OK. I’m not convinced that semantically they really are.

Then today Sue (yes, the other one) pitched into the fray with the comment,

“equal rights for cream crackers and rice cakes I say!!”

Sorry Sue. that’s just muddied the waters. It’s that word “cakes” in rice cakes and oatcakes that I’m struggling with.

Looking ahead about a month, I see the spectre of another dilemma when decisions have to be made about hot cross buns.

Sue (the first one) says that they’re cakes, but I think I’m making an argument that they’re not. They are actually buns – and buns are not on the “list”.

The English language can be a right pain in the backside. After all, in English we can call a spade a shovel.

… and why would we keep worms in a can?

Ride Safe