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Day 38 – Norovirus

I’ve been suffering from Norovirus all this week.

No, don’t worry, I haven’t actually had the virus myself. Sue did, but, believe me, I suffered from it.

I’m not sure where the virus itself it came from and I have no idea how the diagnosis arrived, but I have been authoritatively told that this was the bug in question.

As it is a virus, there is no treatment, according to the NHS, so my suffering has been worse than usual. Sue has been listless, tired and feeling nauseous. She hasn’t specifically reported grumpy and unreasonable, but I detected it.

However, she was well enough to go to her regular volunteering and to attend a training session, not knowing that she wasn’t well.  I feel sure that it took a lot out of us both for her to do this. 

Fortunately, my suffering seems to be over as Sue is now a lot better. I’ll know if she’s really better when she reads this and describes me as an insensitive git (or something worse).

By the way, the highlight of a dull day at home was a trip to the Priory for lunch and another ice cream dessert. This time with butterscotch sauce. It really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

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Day 14 – Hospital and Birdseed

A mixed day today. I went to Nottingham City Hospital for the latest in the interminable series of follow-up appointments following my TIA way back last year.

When I go to the Haematology Department, the routine is fairly efficient. First I have a blood test which is processed fairly quickly. Then I wait to see the doctor to discuss the results and be told what to do next with my chemotherapy .

All this usually takes about 45 minutes or so, and that was just about today’s timescale.  Unfortunately, I needed more tablets on this visit, so I had to take my green prescription along to the newly renamed Outpatients’ Pharmacy.

I was told that there would be about a 45 minute wait, so I wandered off for a walk around the hospital corridors in the sure and certain knowledge that I would find a coffee shop. Eventually I did. £1.35 for a latte in a paper cup was only slightly outrageous, but I was fairly stoic about it all. After that coffee and slightly before the allotted 45 minutes, I returned to the Outpatients’ Pharmacy and asked if my prescription was ready. “No, it will be a few more minutes”, I was told.

A further 50 minutes later, my name was called and I staggered out of hospital and went home.

Oh yes, my blood counts are now back in the “normal” range, but as I have knackered bone marrow, I am still on the tablets.

Lunch was delicious home-made mushroom soup, and the evening meal was Sue’s classic stir-fry. However, the pudding was raisins with bird seed. I managed to smuggle about half of my seeds onto Sue’s dish and settled for a few polluted raisins.

But honestly, isn’t having to eat birdseed taking this whole giving up and health thing a bit far?

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A Swine of a Bank Holiday Weekend?


In what has to be uniquely British way of doing things, we no sooner get over Easter than we are hit with a bank holiday to celebrate the first Russian Revolution.

With Whitsun, or as it is known in our secular society, Spring Bank Holiday, the concentration of Bank holidays in the spring is great in one way, but leaves us with a long gap in the autumn between August Bank Holiday and Christmas.

So what does this Bank holiday weekend hold for us?

Certainly not a quick trip in the (non-existent) executive jet to Cancun. Mexico really has become off limits because of the impending Armageddon of Swine flu. Well, if you believe the television, radio and newspaper histrionics, we’re in for Armageddon.

Fortunately, among all the sensationalist hype about the pandemic, there are still a few small voices trying to tell us that there a few simple steps that we can take to help to prevent us from experiencing the worst of this variant of flu. They’re not even that complicated. All we need to do is wash our hands regularly, sneeze into a handkerchief and dispose of it properly and avoid infecting other people by saying at home. Certainly, we should also get in touch with  a doctor or NHS Direct if we have the symptoms of flu.

However, common sense isn’t particularly prevalent. The place where I work has has a number of people off sick with the current (very non-swine-ish) bug, although there have been other people in work when they clearly should have stayed at home. Perhaps if they HAD kept away, our workplace would only have had that couple of people affected rather than the larger numbers now off.

But this isn’t anything new; the National Archives website has some great images, including this poster from 1942 by Herbert Mayo Bateman.

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases by Herbert Mayo Bateman, October 1942.

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases by Herbert Mayo Bateman, October 1942.

A World War II classic health message that is just as relevant today

A World War II classic health message that is just as relevant today

But even these great posters are put into the shade by this 1945 film

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