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Day 35 – A Major Cake Wobble

I came very, very close to accepting a piece of cake today. It was a gorgeous home-made chocolate cake that Chris brought into work to celebrate Richard’s 65th birthday.

Chris and Richard are my two colleagues in the Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire. Chris had made the cake herself and shared it around the team during our team meeting which was also attended by two of our volunteers, who also enjoyed the cake.

I had no idea that I had enough willpower to resist this part of a celebration.

However, I am no party pooper; I may have very reluctantly declined the cake, but I thoroughly enjoyed my hot sausage roll from Greggs and later, when the staff team from right across the organisation came together to congratulate Richard, I was there and joined in with consuming the nibbles and enjoyed a glass (well, plastic cup) of orange juice that had been fairly seriously diluted with bubbly.

It was quite an emotional day for me, let alone for Richard himself and other colleagues who have worked with him for a lot longer than I have. Richard’s desk was covered in birthday cards, including one that Sue had made and I gave Richard on behalf of both of us. He liked this card and all of the team were impressed with Sue’s art and design skills that were on show.

With Richard having reached retirement age, I had worried that he would be saying goodbye to our team. Although he is reducing his hours and dropping part of his work, he remains in the team and will still be there to share his amazing knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope he will stay around for a while yet.

As for my own achievement, I thought that this was a massive triumph of sheer willpower, but this evening, Sue said, “Well you’ve gone off cake now.”

I think I managed to persuade her that if there was a list of things are never likely to be true – and that me going off cake is close to the top of that list.

After all, it was Sue’s own home-made cake (and bacon cobs) that captured my heart.

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