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Day 40 – Bread And Cheese

Hang on a minute. Wasn’t Lent supposed to be 40 days and 40 nights? If this is my 40th day of abstinence from cake, sweets, biscuits and chocolate, how come it is a Monday and doesn’t fall on any significant day within the Easter story.

Anyway, I am very proud that I am doing so well and finding the willpower from somewhere. I didn’t have any of the really nice looking biscuits that Jo had on the table all day today and didn’t actually want one. 

I did get stuck into her warm home-made bread with cheese at lunchtime, though.

I have yet to decide what to do when we reach Easter. Do I continue on my self-imposed “giving up” regime or do I relax it slightly. I will certainly not go mad and plunge into an orgy of chocolate, but I might allow myself the odd treat.

I have also to decide how often I am going to update this blog after Easter. As you will see from the blog calendar over on the right hand side of the page, before this Lent-inspired blogfest, I didn’t find something to write every single day. But as I started “giving up”, I decided that I wanted to record my experience day by day on here, and I have also managed to persevere at this.

Anyway, that’s enough planning ahead for one evening. If I’m not careful I’ll reach a decision, and that would never do.

Ride Safe


Day 5 – No Biscuits – Easy, Life – Very Difficult

One by one, I expect some of my colleagues to fall off the wagon.  I know that others won’t.  However, as you’ll see from the comments on yesterday’s post, Chris has already fallen by the wayside. But one slip isn’t the end of the world. After I’ve taken the mickey tomorrow at work, I’m sure we’ll be back on track.

I think Sue’s and my weekend has been filled with other things that have been a distraction. In particular, Sue’s mum moved from hospital into residential respite care today. Although I wasn’t there, it is a very stressful time for Sue.

Her mum’s Alzheimer’s seems to be taking away the independent woman who I used to know. It’s heartbreaking to see her frustration coming out as aggression and I was upset to hear that she reduced Sue to tears today. I think she realises somewhere deep down that we are trying to do the best for her, but among her lack of memory and confusion, she often loses sight of this.

 Ride Safe

Day 4 – The Weekend Starts Here

As I said yesterday, maintaining my resolve not to eat cake, biscuits, sweets or chocolate is very easy when I spend the entire day at home. We don’t have any of the offending items here.

I did have my self-promised cheese on toast for breakfast, and very lovely it was as well. Other than that, the culinary high spot of my day (if it can ever be described as such) was the KFC that Sue brought home this evening. I’m not sure whether it would even be called Healthy Eating, but it was lovely.

Tomorrow, I have been threatened promised that we are going out, so I live in hope that there may be some temptation to be resisted.

Ride safe

No Cake – Day 3

It’s been a difficult day, with more temptation that I would ever have believed I could cope with.

But I did it!

Our admin team had an angel cake sitting in their office each time I popped in. That was bad enough, but when I popped in and Ellen had unwrapped it, sliced it and was holding the plate out towards me, it took a superhuman effort of will power to say “No”.

But I did it!

Oh boy, do I feel good.

The weekend at home should be a doddle after that.

Ride Safe

No Biscuits – Day 2

Unusually for a Thursday, I have spent today at home where there have been exactly zero oportunities to consume cakes, biscuits, sweets or chocolate. However, I am a little fed up with TV adverts – especially one for mini Magnum ice creams.    

Last night I produced a spoof poster and emailed to my work colleagues. I fully expected a response in my email inbox today, but nothing.  How would you react to this? 

No Biscuits

or see the PDF poster here

Ride safe

Ash Wednesday – and one day of success

One day into my “giving up” for Lent and I’m feeling pretty good. Despite the temptation of spending a whole day in the same room as a plate of biscuits, I’m proud to say that I didn’t weaken.

I described yesterday how I have promised myself that I will not eat biscuits, sweets, cake or chocolate for the whole of Lent. 

It didn’t start very well because our work team spent the day out of the office reviewing the past year and planning for the coming one. We had booked tea and coffee at the venue and we were disconcerted when a plate of biscuits arrived at the same time.

There were five of us in the session and only one of us (Teresa, you know who it was) peeled back the cling film and tucked in to the biscuits with the spurious justification that she was hungry.

Since roast beef dinners are not on my list, I was able to substitute a Foxes chocolate biscuit for dinner in the cafe. I would also point out that we did not go for the wonderful-looking puddings either.

It may have been Teresa who ate the biscuits, but it was another member of the team, Ann, who took the uneaten ones home with her at the end of the day.

One interesting suggestion that we will have to consider for the remainder of Lent is treating biscuit eaters in the same way as we treat smokers. “If you want one of THOSE things, go outside”.

Ride Safe

Shrove Tuesday

So today is the last day of excess before the frugality of Lent.

At the outset, I should say that although I profess to be a Christian and was, for a while, a long time ago, a choirboy at St Peter’s Church, Maney, Sutton Coldfield, I am not an active or regular worshipper.

So why I am observing this period of religious-based tradition in which I promise myself that I will make changes to the way that I live that should be of benefit to me and to those around me?  Indeed, who else will benefit from my Lenten observances anyway?

In the spirit of Lent, I aim to become a better person and hope that people around me will be happier if I manage to do this. On the other hand, could “giving up” make me even more of an old curmudgeon than normal and therefore make the lives of those around me even less bearable?

It started with a casual conversation in our small, but friendly office at work where it transpired that some of my (female) colleagues had planned to forgo the pleasures of some combination that may or may not include eating biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate. In a rash moment, I agreed to join them in this.

In the subsequent days (or has it been weeks?) there has been a great deal of wavering. I have been party to discussions about whether sausage rolls should be included, or whether cheese is to be on a proscribed list.

I have decided that my personal “giving up” is really about my own health. So I am going to abandon the whole of the original basic list:

  • biscuits,
  • cakes,
  • sweets
  • chocolate

I am going to continue to eat cheese – my weekend treat of cheese on toast for breakfast remains a highlight of my life (I know, sad.)

So today, we shared the remnants of the office biscuit time among the three of us. One digestive with a bit broken off, three pieces of broken biscuit and a pile of crumbs. As I write this, late in the evening, we have had no pancakes, but I live in hope that the dying hours of Shrove Tuesday will yet come up with the other side of the “giving up for lent” bargain.

… and the reason that you are able to read this is that I have decided to record my intention in writing and later to share my success (for now that you know, I am sure that my pride will not allow any other outcome).

Ride safe