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The Miracles - My Girl Has Gone Label image

A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 40

The Miracles – My Girl Has Gone – TMG 540

This is not the best known of the Miracles catalogue and as the follow-up to The Tracks of My Tears, it simply isn’t a very strong song.

The track was lifted from the Miracles album, Going To A Go Go, although I am not sure whether the single or the album actually came first.

It was written by Smokey and the Miracles, who were becoming a seriously self-contained songwriting and production unit within the Motown stable, in my view outstripping even the Holland-Dozier-Holland Machine at this time. It was logical, therefore, for them to take control of their own output. However,from the evidence in these grooves, the pressure on Smokey and the team to come up with original hits for other artists seems to have led to him using a tried and tested formula song for his own group’s single.

Lyrically, it’s nowhere near Smokey’s best, but we can forgive him when the next single will turn out to be the title track, and timeless classic from that album, Going To A Go Go.